Sunday, 19 April 2015

Day 7
Burra - Macclesfield (Aunty Jan and Uncle John's)
Distance travelled - 317.6 km
  Getting up early is becoming a bad habit but at least today the 5.15 am get up was looking worthwhile. After successfully negotiating the 21 steps from my room to the floor below and then outside the pub I gazed skyward to find a breathtaking array of stars and no clouds anywhere to be seen. So back inside it was to get camera gear and a coat, it was surprisingly chilly outside.
After driving the short distance to the homestead I took a ridiculous amount of photos on various settings hoping something reasonable might be produced. I know that looking at scene with my eyes was very gratifying, I just hoped I have managed to capture some of that essence on film, so to speak.
90 minutes later I headed back into town and to the pub to try and steal an hour or so of sleep but to no avail, just couldn't quite shut my mind off enough to fall asleep. Finally gave up trying so got up and showered, packed the car and walked to the bakery for some breakfast. After that went to the Visitor Centre to post the latest blog and chat about travel plans for the day before hopping into the car and starting the journey to Aunty Jan and and Uncle John's place near Macclesfield. I took the scenic route through the back way instead of down the main highway and through Adelaide's freeway system. Although it added about an extra 120 km it was certainly a lovely drive, particularly the latter part where there were lots of autumn leaves on trees and decorating the road and paths, quite a spectacular sight really.
Arrived here mid afternoon and spent time talking and settling in before tea then showed off a few Antarctic photos before retiring to my room to write the blog and then sort through todays photos.

Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and getting a few things sorted before starting the next phase of the journey will is still to be finalised completely.

                                                           Burra Homestead at sunrise

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