Sunday, 26 April 2015

Day 13 - 25th April

Kingscote to cape Willoughby to Macclesfield

Distance Travelled - 214.6 km

Woke up with the alarm just after 5.30 am to get sorted and find the Dawn Service which was easier than I thought. I would guess that there were well over 500 people there which I thought was a very good number given the size of the population. The service was very different  to most that I have attended as it had lots of speaking, a few hymns being sung and Bible readings, none of which I have ever encountered before. Normally the service is conducted in silence and then afterwards someone will give a speech or talk and that is about it.

After the service went to the Gunfire breakfast at the town hall and looked at an exhibit of artwork about the war which I must admit did not appeal to me at all. The style of painting was not to my liking given the gravity of the topic. I must admit my initial thinking was that it resembled some painting styles I have encountered in my Pre-Primary classes that  I have taught not that of a well known local artist. At the end of the exhibition there was a sign saying the paintings were done in a style to represent the mental suffering and anguish that accompanies many of the soldiers, and other people, returning from active service, but that really didn't change anything for me. Comments I heard from others though disagreed with me and some others agreed - art is so subjective!

After breakfast I had plenty of time on my hands before the scheduled 2.30 pm departure so I went back out to Cape Willoughby to have another look for my lost ring but to no avail. The drive through the back roads from Kingscote was very nice - somewhat forresty and rural with lots of kangaroos in paddocks and the occasional one on the road. Took a few more snaps of the lighthouse and surrounding scenery before having a coffee or 3 (who knew I could drink that much coffee in one morning) at the Zest and Thyme Cafe, chatting and looking through a couple of photography books.

Left in time to make the ferry check in at 2 pm with plenty of spare time - just in case. Stopped on the way to take a photo of a magnificent old, dead tree. Boarded without incident and settled in for the trip back. Supposedly relatively calm but felt crook as by the time I got off - maybe too much coffee or the lovely lemon cheesecake I ate just  before  I left the Cafe (do you really expect me to forego the chance to eat lemon cheesecake or tart?).

Once off, I took a few snaps of the Cape Jervis Lighthouse - almost arty in it's design compared to the others I have seen so far -and then started the journey back to Aunty Jan and Uncle John's in Macclesfield. Took a few more snaps of dead trees (another photographic passion) on the way and meandered back enjoying the sun breaking through the clouds an illuminating   the wet grass and trees giving them a magnificent lustre and beauty.

Got back to delicious vegetable soup and hamburgers for tea and then after a bit of chat hit the shower and an early night. Tomorrow I plan to travel to Port Adelaide and Merino Rocks to photograph more lighthouses.

                                                        Cape Willoughby Lighthouse

                                                      Dead tree, Cape Willoughby Road

                                                               Cape Jervis Lighthouse

Day 14 - 26th April

Macclesfield to Port Adelaide via Marino Rocks

Distance Travelled - 146.5 km

Body clocks suck! Today I woke up without the use of an alarm at 5.15 am and it took me until nearly 7.30 am to fall asleep again. Slept for about another hour or so before waking again just after 8.30 am. Refused to get up early so lay in bed until about 10 am listening to music and reading.

Checked cameras and a few other things and got talked to Aunty Jan and Uncle John about best ways to get to Port Adelaide and Marino Rocks and then set off. The first part of the drive between Macclesfield and Kangarilla was very pretty with lots of trees and paddocks - green and lush, so very different to the Southern Cross vista I am used to.

Was very disappointed when I got to Marino Rocks to find out that work was being undertaken on it and there was large rusty scaffolding around the lighthouse and lots of debris on the ground - not the most photogenic of subjects but I guess it happens every now and then.

Took the obligatory shot and moved on. Port Adelaide lighthouse is a bit different to most  have seen so far and looked ok. after taking a few shots walked around for a bit looking at the markets and then came home, stopping for a few dead tree photos on the way.

Tomorrow will consist of washing clothes, picking up cameras and a the like and getting ready to leave Macclesfield and head to the Yorke Peninsula and then northwards to the Flinders Ranges and beyond.

                                          Marino Rocks Lighthouse, complete with scaffolding

                                                              Port Adelaide Lighthouse 

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