Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Day 1
Departing Southern Cross

Distance traveled - 769.1 km

After a leisurely wake up and finishing off the last few tasks at home and about I headed off just after 10am. Drove through to Norseman and had a bit of a leg stretch there and spent some time in the Information Centre reading a bit of history and looking at maps and brochures for South Australia. Left Norseman and continued onwards not really sure where I would stop. Eventually pulled over about 40km short of Cocklebiddy and camped overnight out the back of a parking bay some distance off the road. Went to bed early and was asleep before 7pm I would think. Had a good sleep although did hear several very weird noises originating it seemed from the car but a few checks didn't reveal anything so back to sleep each time.

Day 2 - Cocklebiddy to Eucla

Distance Traveled -329.2 km

Woke up at 6am to the sound of birds and of water dripping inside my swag tent. It would appear with the fly on and completely zipped up there is enough warm air inside to cause condensation. Got up and removed slightly wet sleeping bag and swag and undid all the zips on the tent to let it dry out. Went for a bit of a walk and spent time reading brochures about Adelaide while waiting to pack up. Heard some more weird noises from the car and careful investigation revealed a bird caught inside the front bumper under the grill. I remember thinking I hit a bird near Ballaedonia but didn't see feathers etc so thought maybe I had just missed it but apparently not. Finally managed to get it out and it took off without so much as a thank-you - what a rude hitchhiker.  Left camp about 9.30am and called in to Cocklebiddy for fuel. Spoke to a couple of people heading from Victoria to Albany for the ANZAC Day service. Continued on to Madura and stopped to talk to the owners/workers there about some of the nearby caves but apparently all the people in the know about them are away at the moment so no luck there. Between Madura and Eucla stopped a few times to try and get photos of some eagles in trees and flying around and one on a dead roo but none of them were interested in being helpful so unfortunately no great shots. Finally pulled into Eucla about 2pm and went for a squiz around the telegraph station ruins and then down to the beach for a look at the old jetty. Decided to go back at dawn tomorrow to try and get some early light photos of the jetty. Once finished on the beach I walked back to the car and went up to the campsite to enjoy a bit of time reading and writing after setting up the swag for tonight.

Day 3

Eucla to Streaky Bay

Distance Covered: 618
Made an early start (well, early for me) at 5.15am and drove the 4km down to the Telegraph Station ruins and then walked another km or so to the beach just in time to get the sun rising beneath some clouds to illuminate the jetty. Spent about 25 minutes taking a few photos and then walked back to the car and drove back to camp, arriving about 6.30am. The tent was covered in dew so spent some time reading, talking to a few other campers and having a shower before finally packing up and leaving at about 8.30am. Spent the day mainly driving stopping to look at a few places very briefly. Just past Nundroo and before Penong saw an old building in a paddock so stopped to take a photo or two before continuing in to Penong. I was hoping to visit the Woolshed Museum but alas it is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the moment. Have tried on each of my 3 trips over here and each time it has been closed for some reason or other, I am beginning to think they don't want me to visit.
Continued on through the fruit fly check withiut issue and into Ceduna where I spent some time at the Tourist Information Centre trying to upload the last few days worth of blog but it hasn't seemed to work so will try somewhere else later. Left there and continued to Streaky Bay to find the caravan park I stayed at last time completely full so went about 5km out of town to a rest area and stayed the night there along with about 8 other groups. Met a couple of nice Canadian girls heading to Perth and spent a bit of time answering their questions about what they should expect on their Nullarbor crossing.    
Feeling a bit weary so an early night is in store I think so hopefully in bed by about  9pm SA time.

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