Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Day 16  28th April

Macclesfield to Yorketown, Yorke Peninsula

Distance Travelled - 298.9 km

Today was a bit of a tale of two cities. Woke up early again but managed to fall asleep again and got up about 8.30 am. Packed things away and started to repack the car, hoping to make a few changes and have things run a bit smoother maybe. After that was mostly done Uncle John took me for a tour of their property. We motored around on a small 4 wheeler type vehicle that was almost more car than bike - I think he called it a Gator?

Wow!!!!! What an amazing property. I think it has everything you could want - magnificent views, rocks, hills, a creek, lush vegetation, wildlife, birds, dams and much to Uncle John's surprise lots of stunning dead trees - more than he thought were there. We toured and took photos for about an hour I would guess before heading back to the house to wash the car (lots of limestone splashes from Kangaroo Island driving) and have a tasty lunch of vegetable soup and crumpets.

After lunch I packed away the last few things, said my goodbyes and left at about 1.30 pm to enter the dreaded traffic and boredom of highways and main roads. Made a few stops on the way at some shops to try and find multi-packs of individual, 1 serve polyhedra tetra packs of long-life milk but alas no one seems to stock them - black coffee for a while then maybe?

Eventually came to a stop just outside of Yorketown where I found a suitable spot to camp for the night. Tomorrow should see the first of the lighthouses on the Peninsula and a few other sights.

                                 The view from the veranda and Aunty Jan and Uncle John's house

                                                           View out on the property

                                                         Another view from the property

                                             Just a couple of the dead trees out on the property

A sample of the coloured leaves in and around the Stirling / Harndorf area 

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