Saturday, 7 November 2015

Day 45 – 7th November

Ciaguna – Southern Cross

Distance Travelled – 716.5 km

After finishing last night’s blog and photos it had already started to rain and was not looking like clearing anytime soon so I decided that I would sleep in the car. Knowing that I sometimes struggle to sleep well in the car I decided to make sure that I was well and truly tired before going to bed and made the decision to watch a movie which also gave me the opportunity to run the engine a bit and keep the freezer running off the battery for a while. Being in the middle of nowhere it seemed the perfect setting and atmosphere to watch Wolf Creek 2.

WOW! What an unexpected ending. After watching the movie I settled down for the night drifting off to sleep around 10.30 pm. I awoke several times during the night either due to uncomfortableness or the sound of rain on the roof top. After waking at 3.45 am I struggled to get back to sleep so by 4.15 am, with the first light from the sun peeping out over the horizon I knew I wouldn’t be getting much more sleep. I got out of the car at 4.30 am and went for a quick walk down the road to stretch my slightly stiff legs while the kettle was on its way to boiling. Came back, had some cereal, made the coffee, did the dishes and was driving off towards Norseman by 5 am.

Drove through to Baledonia and stopped there for a few minutes to go for a walk and stretch as well as check the freezer. All being good, I headed off again and drove to Norseman. There was occasional rain but not for very long or very heavy when it did. Got to Norseman at about 9 am. Went for a walk through the town – they had a fun run going and a market stall which I looked through before heading off to fuel up. I was on the road again by 9.30 am.

The drive through to Southern Cross was as non-descript as the first part of today’s journey with nothing photographic inspiring me along the way. I listened to music and some cricket on the way and eventually pulled into town just after 12.30 pm. Grabbed some lunch from the roadhouse and drove the short distance to my place.

After unpacking the car, checking through the house and letting some people in town know I was back I settled in for a snooze and a lazy afternoon and evening. Over the next few days I will complete the unpacking and do all the dreary jobs like washing and cleaning camping equipment and then do a final sort of photos and work out what I will do with them.
No photos to post today.

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