Sunday, 1 November 2015

Day 39 - 1st November

Southbank to Dimboola

Distance Travelled - 350 km

After taking a while to get to sleep I woke at around 4 am and struggled to really get to sleep again, getting up just after 7 am and sitting down in the lounge to write the blog. After Lindsay and Heather joined me a little later we chatted, had some breakfast, chatted and finally it was time for me to head off close to 10 am.

I went in search of the postcard for Michelle and pretty much as soon as I left the place I went through a police roadblock where they were conducting Breathalyzer tests which whilst not at all worried about it, I did miss a turnoff I think from the directions Lindsay gave me to the location of shops that had a good chance of selling postcards. After a few more turns and guesses I ended up back at the South Melbourne Markets so I wandered through there for a bit and found a postcard for Michelle.

Leaving the markets I headed off with the definite sensation that this was truly the start of the journey home. It was in some ways a little regrettable as it highlights how close to the end of my year off I am getting but it many other ways it felt good to be heading home and being able to catch up with friends and loved ones. Although it will be not much over 6 weeks that I have been away I have, I think, missed people more on this trip than any of the others I have done this year.

The trip to Dimboola was singularly unspectacular with almost all of it on main roads and highways. There was nothing that caught my eye photographically and the scenery was very much bland and nondescript. I arrived at the same campsite I used on the way over and feeling reasonably weary I decided to camp here the night rather than press on for Adelaide. The shed here gives me guaranteed dryness for the night and given the chance of wet weather increasing it was another plus for staying here.

I read for a while, walked, tried taking photos of some very fast moving swallows and then made some phone calls before having tea and sorting myself out for the night. Sat down to write the blog and go through a few photos before I go to bed ready for the drive to Adelaide tomorrow.

                                                                Bird at the campsite

                                     Plant in the reflection of sun off the river at the campsite

                           My only semi-decent shot of the fast moving Swallows at the campsite

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