Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Day 42 - 4th November

Macclesfield to Hahndorf and return

Distance Travelled - 69 km

The rain came and went throughout the night. I woke several times during the night and on some occasions could hear it falling and on others it was strangely quiet. I tossed and turned a little last night but managed to keep getting back to sleep. I thought it had happened enough times for it to be quite late in the morning so I got up and had breakfast then looked at the time to find it was just going 7.30 am. I was somewhat annoyed at not having got a decent sleep in but decided it wasn't worth fighting it at the moment so went outside to see what was happening. The morning skies were clear however there was ample evidence of the rain from the night with puddles on the ground and that wonderful fresh rain smell still lingering in the air.

There was not a lot of movement outside although there were many and varied sounds of birds coming from the nearby bush surroundings. I waited a while to see if anything would venture out but after half an hour or so nothing had appeared so I went back inside. I decided to curl up on the bed for a while and read and then started sorting things for the car but put off packing the car.

I went for a drive to Strathalbyn to go to the library and post the blog and check for emails etc. There were a few that needed replying to or dealing with so I did that whilst I was there too. By the time that was all finished it was getting close to 12 so I came home and had lunch before heading off to Hahndorf.

I spent a couple of hours wandering the streets of Hahndorf, looking through a range of galleries, souvenir shops, antique shops, lolly shops, fudge shops, leather work shops and of course the information centre. After about 2.5 hours I came back and started to pack the car. I want to make an early start tomorrow so wanted to pretty much pack everything except the computer away tonight to make for a quick start in the morning.

Having packed away I contemplated going to the local pub for tea but as I was considering the storm they had forecast decide to start. Details on the radio and the SES warning text that came through earlier in the day, had said strong winds, possible destructive hail, up to 25 mm of rain and thunderstorms. I decided it might be best to stay put and organise something here. Watched a movie whilst it poured down outside but thankfully without hail. After the storm stopped about an hour later I went and checked the rain gauge. There had been 7.5 mm of rain last night and in the preceding hour there had been 14mm.

Came back inside and had tea then read for a while and then sat to write the blog. No photography today so that makes things a bit quicker tonight. After finishing the blog I will go and finish the last chapter in my book and then go to bed relatively early ready for a drive of about 750 km tomorrow to Streaky Bay. Not sure how much access I will have to Internet over the next few days but will post where I can and what can't get posted I will post when I get home.

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