Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Day 41 - 3rd November

Macclesfield to Strathalbyn and return

Distance Travelled - 23.1 km

After a reasonable night's sleep without any conscious knowledge of effects from watching Wolf Creek I awoke to find it was approximately half seven. I tried to doze some more but was unable to so got up at 8 am and had breakfast. A quick look outside told me there was not much on offer to photograph so I headed back inside and read for a while, completing another chapter before heading back to bed still feeling a little tired.

Basically I got the sleep in I wanted, not waking until just after 11 am. I got up and did some computer work - backing up the last editions of photos etc and then had some lunch before heading to Strathalbyn to post my blog at the library and have a look through some antique and second hand shops.

Posted the blog first and having successfully done that I spent the next few hours wandering through some of the antique stores in town. Some were closed due to the Melbourne Cup but enough were open to allow me to spend about 3 hours wandering. There were a few things that caught my eye, all very expensive and way to big to get into the car even if I could have afforded them. It was a very pleasant way to spend a few hours.

Got back home and spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening reading and taking a few photos outside of bees on flowers and birds. As it turned dark, thoughts turned towards tea, during which a thunder storm presented itself with quite heavy rain and the occasional flash of lightning. Having finished tea I could not pass up the opportunity to maybe get some lightning shots so started setting up for that. Spoke to dad in the process and then went back to the photography. Unfortunately the majority of the closer lightning was sheet, not fork, lightning so the end result was no photos but it was still impressive being around the crashing thunder, flashing light and heavy, at times, rain.

Having packed away the camera gear I watched a movie and then wrote my blog before going to bed listening to the sound of rain hitting the tin roof - a sound I have not heard in a while. Tomorrow I will repack the car and get things ready for an earlyish leave in the morning and then I will spend some time in Handorf looking around there for a while.


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