Monday, 2 November 2015

Day 40 - 2nd November

Dimboola to Macclesfield

Distance Travelled - 416 km

The sound of 100 white cockatoos screeching thundered through the still morning air and did a wonderful job of awakening me just before 6 am. I managed to doze for a while but was up, breakfasted and mostly packed except my chair by 7.30 am. Spent an hour or so reading in the hesitant sunshine which occasionally poked out from behind the grey clouds. After reading I went for a bit of a walk to see if any photography was in the offing but no such luck. Came back and packed away the chair and set off into town.

The resource centre where I had posted my blog last time was closed but was apparently due to open in about 5 minutes at 9.30 am so I sat in the car and read, furtively glancing at the sign every now and then to see if it had changed to open. About 10 minutes later a lady came out of the shop and closed the door hard behind her wandered off down the street. Half an hour later the sign still said closed and there was no indication anyone was coming back soon. I wandered off down the street and posted the now written on postcard to Michelle and came back but the store was still closed so I decided to post the blog later and headed off.

The drive through to Adelaide was relatively boring as most of it was along the highway and very little super attractive scenery or photogenic material was on display. I continued all the way to Macclesfield without stopping and got to Aunty Jan and Uncle John's place without incident. Rang them on arrival to let them know I was here and to check I was turning the water on properly so as not to stuff anything up here for them. Then it was down to Strathalbyn to do a little food shopping for the remainder of my trip, get some fuel for the car and post the blog.

After enquiring at a few places I was finally sent to the local library to access the Internet. After a little bit of organisation there it was set to go. Posted the blog and having fuelled up and shopped already I headed back to Macclesfield. I dropped a couple of brigade badges at the local station as requested on my last visit and then headed home.

Had a late lunch (3.30 ish) and then a bit of an afternoon snooze which went slightly longer than planned so when I woke at 7 pm it was almost too dark to do much photography. Went in search of some birds just outside the house but no luck so took a photo of the red bottle brush plant instead and that was my photography for the day.

Went inside and read for a bit before watching a movie on my computer courtesy of Shane and Michelle and then cooked tea and got ready for bed before starting to write the blog for the day. I will watch another movie before going to bed around 11 pm (I guess) and I am wondering if watching Wolf Creek that late at night will have any flow on effects in my dreaming tonight.

Tomorrow I plan to sleep in as much as I can and repeat the dose over the next couple of days in preparation for 3 or 4 fairly solid days in a row once I leave here and start the final leg of the journey back to Southern Cross. I plan to visit some of the antique shops in Strath for a while on one of my days here and have a wander through Handorf for a few hours on another day but that will be the extent of my activities here so I can mostly relax and prepare to head home.


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