Saturday, 1 August 2015

Day 111 - 1st August


Distance Travelled - 31 km

I had a very enjoyable sleep in today not getting up until about 9 am even though I had woken up a couple of times already by then. I had some breakfast and then I spent a bit of time sorting things out in the flat at Aunty Jan and Uncle John's, doing some computer work and starting to think about how to repack the car ready for the trip back to Southern Cross.

Not long after that I headed into Strathalbyn, about 11 km away and got a haircut and looked through a few shops before coming back to the flat. Spent the rest of the day reading, sleeping, transferring files on the computer and organising back ups of the photos and spending time in the main house chatting.

We had a wonderfully nice chicken dish for tea that was hot and spicy and then spent time after tea chatting and relaxing before I finally headed off to bed about 9.30 pm. Read for a while and then went to sleep listening to the rain steadily fall on the roof thinking how glad I was to be inside out of the weather again for the night. Overall a very lazy day with no photography at all. Tomorrow I will sort the last few things out and repack the car ready to start off in the morning towards Ceduna, hopefully camping at Streaky Bay.   

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